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Ian Schmulian myotherapist Caulfield takes a holistic approach to patient care. On your first visit to Trigger Point Clinic, he will do a thorough assessment taking into account your medical history, including X Rays or scans.

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As a registered and highly qualified myotherapist with extensive experience, Ian has sound knowledge and understanding of the causes, pathology, and management of musculoskeletal conditions.


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Remedial Massage

The benefits of remedial massage include stimulating blood flow to the area, improving muscle flexibility and joint mobility, and facilitating the recovery of soft tissues.

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Other Services

This relates to corrective exercise and assessment and correction of posture, which impacts most of the patients that I treat at Trigger Point Clinic.

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Open for Treatments on SUNDAY + PUBLIC HOLIDAYS.

Trigger Point Clinic is open post the Stage 4 Lockdown restrictions. We are taking the necessary precaustions to ensure we operate a COVID Safe Practice.

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Caulfield Dry Needling

This modality involves the application by the myotherapist of sterile disposable needles to improve circulation to a trigger point. Sometimes dry needling and manual trigger-point therapy are used in combination. Talk to Ian about how dry needling can assist you.

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